Advantages of Affiliate Marketing Network

If earning an extra pocket money during your spare time is your intention, then Affiliate Marketing Network and Network Marketing are the two main resources that can enable you to achieve that. Network marketing is also known as MLM. In general, the Affiliate Marketing Network is considered more advantageous than network marketing. There is a wide range of differences between both the money-earning techniques.

In general, both these categories are concerned with earning money on selling a product or products to the customers. However, to be precise, when it comes to network marketing, the actual income is highly dependent upon the number of people who are enrolled by you and the amount of products they manage to sell.

This type of earning money is known as residual income. For instance, if you have enrolled five persons for the month of March, then you will get a standard payment for enrolling those five people for as long as you are in business of network marketing. Apart from this standard income, you can make more if you continue to sell your products as well as from the performance of the five enrolled persons. The concerned five affiliates get to earn only for the number of products they sell until they in turn enroll their candidates.

When it comes to affiliate marketing network, the income is much higher irrespective of their products being cheap. The advantage in the affiliate marketing network is the fact that the person need not put in any money of his own which is not the case in network marketing. In the case of this marketing, the companies pay only around 10-15% of the total product price that they cell, whereas in the case of affiliate marketing network people are paid around 75% for selling their products. People need to spend their efforts and time to train their subordinates to carry out the business well in the case of network marketing. This is the biggest drawback in the case of network marketing, whereas in affiliate marketing network, people do not have the necessity of making phone calls to convince others to join or to train them.

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